Facesitting in Latex Boots

It’s time for a kinky play with sexy red stockings, shaved pussy and a horny slave who is anxious to see his mistress giving him orders. What would it be today? As she wants to be pleased, she decides to let him smell her pussy, making his blood run faster and his heart beat louder. Now it’s time to see how fast and how hard can those two go, so she puts her lovely pussy on his face, suffocating him while he makes her moan. She yells “faster slave, more” but he barely hears it. Join now and watch the rest.


Blonde Facesitting

Teasing a man in this way is worse than torture with heated iron. Having to watch such a gorgeous body and not being able to do nothing more than you’re allowed must be killing this poor slave. His mistress likes to undulate her shapes in front of him, watching every reaction and stopping when he gets too excited. Then it’s time to put her wet holes on his face and let him breathe from time to time, while he is pleasuring her. What better torture for a man? He is very lucky to have such a hot femdom mistress in his life.

Forced Facesitting

Not often has a slave the honor of feeling his femdom mistress skin on his body, let alone her godlike private parts on his face. This beautiful mistress likes to rise all his hopes up by walking in front of him with her dress up, arousing his senses, letting him smell her desires, tormenting¬† every bone in his body. Allowing him to push his tongue in her pussy it’s just a foreplay in what follows. Then she makes him take all her weight on his face, shoving her round ass and shaved pussy on his face. There’s something for him also, check it out.

Double Facesitting

Lucky slave, today he will have his face squashed by two mistresses. They are horny as fire and want to feel his tongue eager to wonder inside their pussies, but this is an option that the slave has only after he’s allowed to. Look at them, beautiful as goddesses wish they could be and having a slave at their disposal, to do as they please. Lucky bastard, he could only dream to be so close to them up until now. Having that soft skin brutally stick on his mouth while his manhood gets played with is a dream come true.

Ass Worship

For all day long would this slave push his face in his master’s pussy, licking it and worshiping it. As her beauty strokes him like a strong light, he prefers the darkness and the pressure of her shapes on his face, letting her subdue him to anything she wants and begging to have those lovely holes pushed harder on his lips and tongue. She treats him as her pet and he’s never allowed to do more that her wishes. It’s an amazing combination of domination and caring, a twisted but gorgeous relationship. Her smoking hot body needs his attention now.

Hard Facesitting

It would be impossible to refuse such a nice tight ass and such a lovely pussy on your face, pushing hard and stopping your breath enough to hear the blood pulsating through those sweet pussy lips. This dominatrix has her way of playing with her slave’s mind, treating him like a pet and letting him worship her footsteps. She likes to feel his face stuffed in her privates while she plays with his body, sometimes rough, other times gentle. If there would ever be a weapon of female domination, she will certainly have it in her hands, standing like a goddess in that leather suit.